Free parking for all NHS staff

Free parking for all NHS staff

Do you think NHS staff should be entitled to free parking during work hours?

I used to work within the NHS so I am right behind this petition. NHS staff from the receptionists answering phones to the surgeons saving our lives do such a fantastic job yet they are made to pay to park their car when they are at work.

Some of these workers work 13 hour shifts and the parking charges soon add up and take a large chunk of their pay.

The petition currently has over 100,000 supporters.

Why is this important?

”People who save lives everyday shouldn’t have to pay to go to work. NHS employees work so hard and are national superheroes. Why should they save someone’s life then find they got a parking ticket? The money from the parking fees doesn’t always go to the patient care or the NHS, it goes to private companies such as access and Vinci that ‘run’ the car parks. All these private companies do is check tickets and hand out fines, they may not grit in icy weather of provide any upkeep on the state of the roads. It’s disgraceful. Most NHS staff are not paid a great deal and this extra cost is a strain on their wages and added stress for them. They have enough stress, they don’t need parking tickets to add to it.”

I left my job in a pharmacy to do Ashleigh Money Saver full time but I am still passionate about healthcare and the NHS, if I was to ever leave my role here then I would go back to working within the NHS so I wanted to spread the word about this petition.

If you want to sign the petition or more information on it, click here…

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Do you think all parking charges should be abolished in hospital car parks?

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