Free Tropicana in London

Free Tropicana in London

If you’re nearby this bank holiday weekend it’s well worth a stop by…

Juice brand, Tropicana, will take over a digital billboard in Westfield London to educate consumers on the health benefits of consuming just 150ml of 100% orange juice each day. Across three consecutive mornings, the public can watch Little Glass explaining how much goodness is packed into a glass of 100% orange juice whilst inviting people to dispense 150ml of fresh Tropicana from the digital billboard.

Less than one third of adults achieve their 5 a day and Tropicana’s latest ‘Little Glass’ campaign aims to show how 150ml of 100% orange juice has plenty of good stuff in it. Little Glass contains a whopping 60% of the recommended daily Vitamin C, it is also a source of potassium and Vitamin B9 whilst also counting as 1 of your 5 a day. With the juice from 1 and ½ oranges in each glass, Little Glass certainly packs a punch.

Where? Westfield London, Ariel Way, White City, London W12 7G on

When? Thursday 28th April – Saturday 30th April 2016

What time? 8am – 12pm

Get your hands on some Tropicana here…

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