Free Whopper?

How far would you go for a free whopper?

Well what I seen today was pure genius… Or is it just tight?

I have had the busiest day I have had in a long while and I had 10 minutes to spare between catching trains and popped into Burger King for kids meal for my lunch so I could eat on the go, yes no wonder I’m not losing weight on this fantastic ‘Food On The Go’ diet!

Anyway, as I was standing in the queue, I noticed 3 lads looking around the seating area and picking up receipts. They had quite a collection within a minute and once I was served I was that intrigued to find out what they were up to I asked if they wanted my receipt too. 

I took this opportunity to ask what they wanted with so many receipts, they replied ‘You get a free whopper with every purchase. Theres a code on every receipt and when you fill in the 2 minute survey about your experience today you get given a code to write on the receipt which gives you a free Whopper, chicken royal or veggie bean burger’

After looking into this a little more, it turns out that you need to purchase regular fries and regular drink to use your voucher but it is still a great idea!

I don’t think I would go around picking receipts up off a restaurant floor just for a free burger but if i walked in and happening to see a discarded receipt on a table then I would be tempted to do this!

Would you do this or is it just too far to save a few pound?

burger kingjpg

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