Frozen Hair-dryer To Be Recalled

Frozen Hair-dryer To Be Recalled

Even though the hair-dryer has not been recalled as of yet we are 100% sure it will be soon.

We have recently been Contacted by someone telling us that her Disney’s Frozen theme hair dryer caught on fire whilst they were using it. The flames were apparently coming out the back of the hair-dryer and was the hair-dryer was red hot.

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This is not the first time this specific hair-dryer has caught on fire, as another retailer has had to recall all of the stock they sold for the same reason.

This is the message we received:

“Hi ashleigh just wondering if you wanna do a post for a product recall, I purchased a frozen compact hairdryer last week for my daughters birthday from Debenhams and when she used it in Saturday it set fire whilst she was using it, the flame was coming right out of the back became red hot then switched itself off it was illumionius yellow when it started to heat up I thought it was a light or something but that was it startin to over heat all her hand was bright red as it was so hot, I could hardly touch it to grab it off her! I rang Debenhams head office and had to take it back down today I got a full refund and got to pick a different hairdryer free of charge because of what happened they’ve now said they are doing an emergency recall as another retailer is also recalling them too. X”

We did recommend this product so there’s a chance you have bought it. So we also recommend that you return it when it has been recalled, as this fault might happen to yours. When you return it you will not need proof of purchase, just take it back and they will give you a full refund.

We will keep you informed with all of the news on this subject.


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