Fruit Shoot Warning

Do your children drink Fruit Shoots?

You may want to pass on this Fruit Shoot warning to anyone with kids…

10 year old Ellie, was rushed to A&E with sickness, diarrhoea and a burning throat after drinking a mouldy Fruit Shoot – that was in date.

Ellie gulped a few mouthfuls of the in-date drink and said it tasted funny. Her mum, Sammi, then tried it and agreed, but Ellie then became very sick and was taken in for treatment.

Sammi said ”I tried it and it was absolutely disgusting. It was supposed to taste like summer fruits but instead tasted and smelt like nail varnish remover or cleaning fluid. I was so worried.”

Sammi took the bottle along to the hospital and gave it to the nurse who then poured some of the drink into a test tube and there were little white bits floating around.
The drinks were part of a 48-bottle multipack from a Costco store in nearby Thurrock.

Their expiry date is listed as July 2016. (Remember, this post was first published in 2016 so the Fruit Shoot would have been in date then. This has happened again on 14.01.17 and was reported in The Sun which is why I am reposting) 

Others have reported the same problem with Fruit Shoots with the same date.

Another woman, Debbie, said her daughter Tallulah was ill after one mouthful of her Fruit Shoot drink.

Debbi said: “I opened it up and smelt it. It smelt like cleaning fluid or nail varnish remover. It was really strong. My friend also had a smell and she said it burnt her nose. I didn’t think any more of it and Tallulah went off to school on the Monday. When I picked her up she was quite poorly. She was off for the rest of the week with an ulcer and a sore throat.”

Manufacturers Britvic have launched an investigation into the drinks.

A spokesman said: “We can confirm that the unpleasant taste and smell is the result of mould reacting with the preservative in the product.”

Sammi was also offered £20 compensation for the incident, which they called “very rare”.

Environmental health officials are also investigating.
Story from The Sun

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