Fun in the Sun Week: BBQ Season Starts Here! | AD

The sun has started to peek out from behind the clouds. The Bank Holiday is approaching. Spring has finally sprung. All of this can only mean one thing— it’s time to fire up the barbie! Here are our top tips to make sure your bank holiday BBQ is an absolute success.

1.Keep The Little Ones Happy

Hosting a barbeque is a tough job. Whether you’re making sure drinks are full— Prosecco bottles don’t open themselves you know— or keeping an eye on the sausages and burgers (why do they go from totally uncooked to charcoal burnt so quickly?) hosting is never easy. One way to make it easier is to keep the kids entertained. Water fights, tea parties (click here for an adorable froggy patio set), or a splash in this paddling pool with built in water guns is a great way to keep children occupied and at a safe distance from the coals, and gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on everything else you have to juggle on the day.

With JD Williams currently running a buy one get one free offer on Marvel Avengers Water Blasters here for just ten pounds, now is the time to stock up.

2. BBQ Smarter, Not Harder

Trying not to cremate a sausage on that ancient, cobwebbed BBQ you’ve had in the shed all year? Why not go for an upgrade this summer with something more sturdy? With a dual cooking area, storage shelves, and a stainless steel frame, click here for this deluxe barbeque– the ideal bit of machinery to help your barbeque be the highlight of the summer. With £19 off while stocks last, this is the perfect way to barbeque smarter, not harder.

3. Relax, Everything is Great

Once the cooking is done and everyone has had their fill of the best burgers they’ve ever had, its time for some hard earned rest. Sunglasses on, fizz in hand, it’s time to lounge in style. This hammock is a unique and stylish addition to any garden furniture collection and with a comfortable headrest built in and sturdy, weather resistant fabrics relaxing won’t be an issue… as long as no one has beaten you to it!

4. Light it up!

Once the night descends and everyone is too full of corn on the cob and more meat than you can shake a grilling tong at and the glowing embers of the charcoal begin to fade, it always seems like a premature ending to a great time. People start filtering inside, or home, once the sun disappears. If you’re the type that loves to party long into the night, some simple garden lighting can extend any afternoon barbeque into a full blown evening garden party.  These beautiful, subtle, outdoor lighting features will illuminate your garden with a warm ambient light, meaning you can party on without having to break out the torches!


Will you be breaking out the BBQ this bank holiday? Let us know!

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