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Going abroad this summer? Holidaying in Britain for a weekend away? Now is the time to do a quick refresh of those tired old suitcases and upgrade your summer style!

Carry on Camping

This camping equipment has you covered for all of your GLAMping needs, without busting the budget!

Wild Camping has seen a huge surge in popularity this year and a quality sleeping bag is now as much of a must have for summer camping as a pair of sunglasses. This polyester lined oversized sleeping bag is ideal for all your camping needs, making you feel snug, comfortable and warm in the cool summer evenings.

This Yellowstone Deluxe Double Air Bed is perfect for those of you who don’t want to rough it out, bringing a little bit of home comfort to the great outdoors. This Air Bed is perfect for camping as it folds away for easy transport, and you can deflate it quickly and easily so you don’t miss check out (or if your partner is hogging the bed and you’ve had enough!)

Yellowstone also do a brilliant pack away backpack with huge capacity for all of your hiking needs! With a 35 litre capacity, adjustable waist and shoulder straps, internal pockets for storing valuables, this is an absolute bargain at only £16 whilst stocks last!

Check out the amazing range of camping accessories here!

Short Stay Trips

For a night away, sometimes a full sized suitcase can be a bit much to commit to. These beautiful overnight bags are perfect for short jaunts away and look so fashionable, this sausage dog print is so cute!

This Cath Kidston bag is perfect for an overnight stay, but also has the versatility to be used as a super strong gym bag, a lovely summery work bag, or even a school book bag for college or sixth form! This Brampton Bunch print is such an understated classic look, and is totally on trend for the spring/summer season.

Long Stay Holidays and Heading Abroad

Sometimes, nothing but the biggest suitcase you can find will do. Even when packing for ten days, I usually end up taking more clothes than I wear in a month- just in case! With this amazing bold print luggage from Revelation, you can be sure you’ll be able to spot your suitcase on the carousel and stand out from the crowd- and with a mega 10 year warranty, you’ll be taking this case with you for years to come!

If you need even more space in your luggage, or want to pack one suitcase for you and your partner, check out this enormous suitcase from It! With a hard shell casing and expandable storage design, this case is perfect for anyone who knows the struggle of having to try and sit on an overflowing case to zip it shut before it bursts open!

Check out the fabulous range of luggage here!

For the Kids

Family Holidays are always a brilliant time to unwind, enjoy time with the children and just relax. The mad dash through the airport dragging four different suitcases, one of them with a wobbly wheel that keeps clipping at your ankles? Significantly less fun. Make your trawl through the airport that little bit easier with these adorable, child luggage options for your toddling tots.

With all of your luggage options sorted the next step is checking out our guide to your on trend summer outfit for 2019 here, and then its time to just kick back, relax and enjoy the sunshine! Will you be going abroad, camping or on a short break this summer? Let us know!



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