Game On 2.0 Life Review Newcastle

Are you local to Newcastle? Maybe you a planning a trip to the area?

A visit to The Life Centre to see the Game On 2.0 exhibition is well worth a visit!


Where did we go? The Life Centre – Game On 2.0 

Who went? My husband – Aaron, my 3 children – Simon 13, Jamie 8, Katie 5 and myself.

My kid’s heard about the Game On 2.0 exhibition through their friends at the end of the school term in July. They were desperate to go so we planned a visit during the school holidays. 

The Game On 2.0 exhibition is the biggest collection of playable computer games in the world from the past 60 years!

Aaron and the kid’s were so excited for this exhibition as they all love their computer games, while I’m not too interested in stuff like this so I was just going along for their sake… However, I had a great time!

Games and consoles

There is a huge collection of games, including Minecraft, Super Mario and Tomb Raider. 

There are consoles such as PS3, xBox, Wii and many more.

There are some retro games and consoles, some even date back to the 1970’s!

Arcade games

There are also arcade games such as an original pinball machine, a pac man machine… some of the games and machines are over 20 year old!

I LOVED the pinball machine, Aaron had to remind me I wasn’t the only person in the exhibition and to let someone else have a turn haha. 

There are global computer games if you are into manga and anime.

There is a rock band game complete with guitars and drums, so the whole family can turn into rock stars for 10 minutes. 

All of the games and exhibits are suitable for all ages so it is a great day out for the whole family.

Included in the price of your entry, you get entry to the 4D ride, which is Sponge Bob Square Pants theme. Help Sponge Bob and Patrick catch jelly fish in an underwater adventure… Beware, you may get wet! 

This was a fantastic family day out and I highly recommend this to everyone. If you don’t live in the area, it is even worth a visit to Newcastle just to see this exhibition. 

There is so many other things to do and explore in The Life Centre. 

  • There is a planetarium centre. This is Britain’s most popular and it shows a range of films everyday.
  • Explorer centre where you can meet real working scientists and carry out experiments with them.
  • A young explorers zone for under 7’s where they can play in a pretend shop, a pretend kitchen and a play area.
  • A curiosity zone for young children. This gives them a chance to explore science at a young age. 
  • There is a science theatre giving you the chance to take part in a live science show.
  • Hands on exhibitions, get hands on in interactive play.

See some of the photos below of our visit…

















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