Where to get coupons in the UK

Where to get coupons in the UK

Couponing is becoming more popular than ever in the UK

Have you ever used a coupon against your grocery shop? Chances are it saved you a few quid, which is still better than saving nothing.

But what if you could save even more money on your grocery shop? Well now you can!

Before I go any further, did you know the American TV coupon shows are usually set up and the coupon policies changed? Oh, and don’t forget the time the young man used a wad of counterfeit coupons and when it come to light he had to pay the entire $400 shop back – whoops! You can see more on this here…

It is possible to do a successful coupon shop but don’t go in with the mindset you are going to save yourself hundreds of pounds – It can be done as our coupon expert Jenny has done it a number of times in the past but it took A LOT of hard work and preparation.

I often use coupons on my grocery shop and love even the smallest of saving.

It doesn’t have to take you hours of prep when you know what you’re doing – just give yourself 10 minutes to print off some coupons and you’re ready to go.

I used to have a coupon section on my website but it as I am so busy bargain hunting, doing TV & radio appearances and being a Mam to 3 children I was struggling to keep it updated. I plan on getting it up and running again soon so keep an eye out for the announcement.

In the mean time, these are my favourite places to head to for coupons…

Use cash back apps too. Once you have bought a qualifying product you simply take a photo of the receipt and you will be refunded part or all of the cost of the item/s you bought.

  • Checkout Smart
  • Shopitize

Let me know how you get on with your coupon shop. What has been your biggest saving so far?

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