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Get ready to head off to University and stock up on the essentials with these great deals

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best deals on uni essentials and collected them all here. University, and especially moving away from home for university, can be difficult and there are a million different things to consider. We’ve picked just a few to make sure you have the bare essentials, and some recommendations for university life.

Uni Shoes

Hardwearing shoes are an absolute must for university as you will be putting in the miles walking around campus, getting lost and running to lectures or heading to the student union for a pub quiz with your new housemates. For classic uni style that won’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with these classic Converse from Footasylum.

converse and vans footwear

If the Converse don’t capture your imagination and have you picturing yourself wandering through the uni library searching for a book, why not try these Vans platform trainers? The thick soles ensure the durability of the shoe, and the nature of the timeless style gives your shoes loads of versatility, meaning you can wear them with anything. Shop the full range of shoes here and grab yourself a bargain!

Make Your Mark

Sharing common spaces at uni is sometimes a joy or a curse, depending on what your roommates are like,  but with the right essentials you can feel right at home.

3 for 5 offer on makeup


With 3 for £5 on makeup, you can make sure you look and feel your best, projecting confidence when you meet your new housemates. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder colours or even something totally different at uni, or stick to whatever you’re comfortable with, dependant on what you’re going to be happiest with. With 3 items for £5, you can afford a little bit of a range!

This shower drench will also invigorate you and let you feel a little bit more awake- perfect for those 9am lectures that are somehow always scheduled the morning after the best club nights.

Familiar, friendly smells can help make your new space feel a little more homely, and the candles and scents available at Fragrance Direct can really help when you are settling in. Check out the full range here, and remember to get your 10% student discount with UniDays now that you are a student!

Back To Basics

In all the excitement of moving, it’s easy for things to get forgotten. For vital essentials that will be delivered quickly, Matalan’s homeware department is perfect. This set of plates is ideal for uni life, easily washable, easily stackable, and – most importantly – microwave safe, these plates will be a total lifesaver when you are too tired from all of that studying (hungover) to do any washing up.

plates and folded towels

A spare towel never goes amiss at university, and this huge Egyptian cotton towel is perfect for wrapping around yourself for a dash down the corridor without losing your dignity.

What is it you are most excited about for university? Let us know in the comments!







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