How to get unlimited fries at McDonalds from the future.

How to get unlimited McDonalds Fries

Are you as much of a McDonalds fan as I am? If so then you might feel that large or even super size fries just aren’t enough to satisfy your needs. Well that’s fine, because McDonalds have announced that somewhere in the not so distant future, there will be a McDonalds serving UNLIMITED bottomless fries.

And the fun doesn’t end there, customers will also be able to enjoy table service AND have the option to create their own customised burger.

McDonalds is referring to it as their ‘McDonalds of the Future’ and will be opening in Missouri in America as soon as July, with the hopes to then roll it out into the UK.

I think this may be the best new McDonalds lovers will hear all day, however, health campaigners will no doubt have a different view on things since the government are currently trying their best to tackle childhood obesity.

McDonalds have tweeted saying: ‘Fries on fries on fries! We will see you at our McDonald’s of the Future in July!

So what do you think? Is this an amazing idea or a health issue waiting to happen.

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