How to get unlimited pies for £3.50

How to get unlimited pies for £3.50

This little trick can save you a fortune!

It takes a little bit of work but it is very easy and straight forward…

How to get unlimited pies for £3.50

  • Head to your nearest supermarket and look for Higgidy pies with the ‘free pie voucher insider’ sticker on the box
  • Buy your pie for £3.50
  • Once you have bought the pie, open the box and remove the free pie voucher.
  • Head back to the fridges and pick up your next free buy
  • Go back to the checkout and use your free voucher to buy your pie
  • Now open this pie box and repeat!
  • Ta-da! You now have free pies until you have cleared the shelf!

Remember, it would be nice if you could donate some of the pies to food banks.

Head to Morrisons here

Head to Tesco here

Head to Asda here

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