Glitches Explained

Glitches Explained

Since I started my Facebook page I have posted quite a few glitches and I’ve explained it a lot but now we have thousands of new followers I thought it might be worth explaining it again and leaving it here on my website so people can refer back to it.

A ‘Glitch’ is when something is priced incorrectly, whether that be instore or online.

An example of some glitches we’ve had in the past are

  • £50 off voucher for a large supermarket that allowed you to use the £50 off code on a £50 spend – making your shop free and just paying the delivery charge.
  • Voucher code stacking at one high street retailer clothing store, making £5 worth of clothes 99p
  • 75% off a well-known pizza store, Everyone was getting £100 worth of food for £25
  • A dining table from a large store was mispriced at 1p
  • Mispriced clothing, orders were cancelled and we all got refunded – but orders were still sent out!
  • Free tickets to a huge UK tour

All of these glitches were honoured.


All the above glitches are just a few of the ones we have posted this past year and we successfully got all of them. But not all glitches work unfortunately and companies are NOT legally obliged to honour orders either.

When you place an order online you are accepting their terms and conditions. In their T&Cs they always say if a pricing error happens then they have the right to cancel the order – it is then up to the company to decide whether or not to honour these glitches. If they decide not to then they may offer you a voucher code as an apology off your next order. Some retailers reserve the right to cancel an order up to the point of delivery but once a customer has received their order a retailer generally has no right to claw back any money.


If the Glitch happens in store, again they don’t have to honour the price – even if it is marked at the error price on the shelf. If an item is priced incorrectly on the shelf, or scans at the wrong price at the till, retailers are under no obligation to honour it, under the Sale of Goods Act. They can offer the item at the correct price or refuse your money and withdraw the product from sale. However, some stores will let you purchase at the error price. If a pricing mistake is not noticed and the customer pays for an item at the reduced cost, the purchase is considered a legally binding contract between the retailer and the customer. The shop has no legal right to claw back any money if it later realises there has been an error.


Obviously, there are no ‘rules’ to glitches but the best thing you can do if we post a glitch is

  • Do not contact the company! This will make them aware of the mistake and they will correct the price quicker – keeping quiet gives everyone the chance to get in on the bargain!
  • Do not contact the company 20 minutes after you have placed your order to see if it’s going to be honoured. This gives them the opportunity to cancel your order there and then and if they decide to honour it for everyone that didn’t get in touch and just sat it out, waited and was patient then you’ll miss out. I have seen that done so many times before.
  • Don’t go crazy and buy huge amounts of what ever is on the glitch, you will be one of the first to be cancelled
  • If you are buying for the sake of buying because its cheap, don’t let it collect dust – give it to a charity or food bank


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