Go Ultra Low Ambassador!

Go Ultra Low Ambassador!

So I can now eventually tell everyone I am a proud ambassador for Go Ultra Low, a government-backed campaign for electric cars! I am thrilled about this and thought I would share with you all my experience with an electric car!

I have always been a little sceptical of electric cars. I always had my doubts about how well they would perform and presumed they would eat all of my electricity at home and would be over priced.

How wrong I was…

Electric cars are more expensive to buy than your fuel powered cars, but that’s purely because of the high tech battery that they use. What I hadn’t realised until now is that the battery powered cars will more than pay for themselves in no time.

We were using around £200 a month in fuel with our original car. The daily commutes to school with the kids and then to work take their toll and it certainly isn’t cheap to run a car.

So when we were given the chance to have an extended test drive of an electric car with www.goultralow.com we thought why not? We had nothing to lose. I’ll be honest, we didn’t have high hopes but I can honestly say it has totally changed the way my husband and I think about electric cars. I would swap our current car in a heartbeat!

There are car-charging points popping up all over. You can find these at your local supermarket, shopping centres, even my GP surgery has a charging point, who knew?!

We charged our car over night at home and it only costs a few pound. I think you could easily charge your car at home for less than £50 a month – that is a saving of £1800 for us in the first year on fuel!

This is the perfect solution for my family as we are on a tight budget and every little saving helps. I need to be sure to get great value for money out of everything I buy.

We charged the car overnight at home and then just done a top up charge while out and about. We were able to travel for as little as 2p a mile, whereas a petrol/diesel car would cost you 12p per mile. My husband, Aaron, was really impressed with this.

When the car was fully charged you could get 75 mile out of it before having to charge again.

You can visit rapid charge points for a ‘rapid charge’ while out and about. This would give you 80% battery life in around 30 minutes so there’s no chance of you ever being caught short.


Another plus is electric vehicles are exempt from road tax and congestion charges is London.

So I think you’d all agree it makes perfect financial sense to own an electric car. The government is even offering a grant of up to £5,000 off the price of an electric car purchase!

There are a range of electric cars to suit everyone’s lifestyle. We tested a city car but you can also get family hatch backs, 4×4’s and sports cars. Aaron loved our car so much, he wanted to test drive the sports car version and he absolutely loved that too! Aaron is very much sold on electric cars and he has said he would swap our fuel-powered car in a heartbeat.

I hadn’t noticed any electric cars on the road until I got involved in this campaign and now I am seeing lots of them – the popularity is definitely increasing.

Why not visit www.goultralow.com to find out more and book a free test drive?

They have a collaborative campaign right now, which is the first of it’s kind, bringing together seven of the leading vehicle manufacturers, Audi, BMW, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen.

The only downside I found when I was testing out our electric car, was that when we went to a major shopping centre for the day, all of their electric car charging points were full. There was a notice on the wall informing drivers that they could use the charge points for 30 minutes then asking them to come back to their car and moving it to a standard parking space to free up the charge point for another electric car driver… But most of the cars ignored this notice and left their cars there their entire stay.

My husband, Aaron, is the driver in our house so he has had the honour of driving our electric car; here is what Aaron had to say…

I love this car. It has got so many features that it is hard to believe that’s it is an electric car.

It has reverse camera and sensor, automatic headlights and wipers, top of the range satnav, full multimedia system, active climate control, heated front seats, full leather interior, fully automatic and cruise control just to name a few!

It is so simple to drive that the accelerator pedal doubles as a brake pedal so when you start to lift off it starts to brake and switches on the brake lights.
The range for just the electric motor is really good and even better when the small petrol engine (which is there just to provide enough current to extend battery life) is switched on.

With the amount of charging stations there are now means there is nowhere that this car can’t go.

I’m tall, standing 6″2, yet there is plenty of room for me in the front and even in the back!
I can honestly say this is the best car (not just electric) I have ever driven

CLICK HERE for more information on the Go Ultra Low campaign!

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