Good Morning Britain

I thought I would make a post about my first appearance on national TV as I was so excited!

I was invited to be on Good Morning Britain on ITV to discuss school costs, trips, uniforms etc.

East Coast kindly upgraded me to first class for the journey down there, it was my first time in first class so I loved it – I’m easily pleased lol. 

When I arrived at the ITV studios I was taking to hair and make up before going onto the set.

I thought I would have been nervous but I wasn’t, I just couldn’t wait to get started and sharing some money saving tips.

Once I had done it, it was such a buzz! I came off set and rang Mr Money Saver and my parents all excited 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time in London to explore but I made a quick trip to M&M world and got a few treats for the kids.

I would love to use this opportunity to thank …

I loved my first visit to London, here are a few photos I took while there….

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