Got A Party To Host? Aldi Is Selling A Three Tiered Pizza Tray

We all know the struggle of juggling oven shelves trying to cook multiple things at once. Here’s a stand that’ll save you space and time

You can now cook your fave pizzas altogether in the three-tiered pizza stand that Aldi has launched as part of Specialbuys.

The tray means you can get rid of the shelves in the oven and pop in three pizzas using the stand rather than squeezing in two.

Aldi says that the stands are nonstick and each one is approximately 32cm wide. Perfect for a large pizza!

And once the pizzas have cooled down, you can use the stand to serve slices of pizza, too.

You can pre-order the tiered tray with the stand online at Aldi for just £9.99 now.

Alternatively, you can also wait until June 9th to buy it in-stores.

But you’ll have to be quick as it’s part of their Specialbuys so once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Image: Aldi
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