Got Any Polly Pockets Lying Around? They Could Be Worth THOUSANDS!

If your little one has Polly Pockets they no longer play with, or you still have some from your childhood, they could be worth a small fortune!

Hold on before you clear out any old toys! If you have certain Polly Pocket dolls, they could make you thousands of pounds.

The popular pocket-sized toys that were really popular in the ’90s are now raking in the big bucks on eBay.

Some Polly Pocket compacts from Bluebird Toys are now selling for almost £8,000 on the bidding site.

There is a catch though – only dolls in the original packaging will be worth the most money.

How can I tell if my Polly Pocket is worth money?

eBay have released an official guide to selling old Polly Pocket dolls. Here are some of their top tips:

  • Know when the doll was released. If your toy was released before 1998, you could be in for some serious cash!
  • Check how much similar dolls to yours have sold for.
  • Compare your dolls to previous listings to work out how much you should start the bidding at.

Read the official eBay guide here.


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