Government to weaken alcohol volumes & introduce tax break.

Government to weaken alcohol volumes & introduce tax break.

If you enjoy a drink or ten on a weekend then this may not be the best news you’ll hear all day I’m afraid. Plans to weaken alcohol could just about ruin your day.

Local councils are urging brewers to lower percentages in their alcohol in order to help tackle health issues which are caused by too much alcohol consumption.

And it doesn’t stop there, the councils are also calling for a tax break on lower percentage alcohol in order to encourage more people to choose the weaker options. 

The NHS currently spend an estimated £3.5bn every year dealing with alcohol-related health issues and the government feel that by introducing these changes, they will be helping to keep this under better control.

A licensing spokesperson for the LGA, Tony Page, told the BBC: “With a new generation of non-drinkers on the rise, there is a growing demand for greater choice in alcohol-free and weaker drinks, with several ‘dry bars’ opening up across the country. “Tax breaks for beer have helped fuel a rise in low-strength products. This should now be extended to cider, wine and spirits.”

But should the volume of alcohol be decreased in our favorite alcoholic beverages? Or should we be able to make our own minds up on the amount of alcohol we are consuming?

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