Greggs VEGAN Sausage Roll Launches Tomorrow & Costs How Much?

If you’re following a plant based diet, you may be pleased to hear that the nations favourite bakers, Greggs, are releasing a vegan sausage roll!

The new pastry is said to include meat supplement Quorn as an alternative to their classic sausage meat.

The bakers have even recreated their famous 96-layer puff pastry without butter and eggs making it suitable for vegans too.

The new roll is said to have been created after a petition by PETA called for a meat-free alternative to the bakers popular treat and was signed by 20,000 people.

Don’t worry, if you’re wanting to try the new vegan sausage roll, you won’t have to pay any extra than the original sausage roll with them being priced at just £1.

But what do the public think?

One tweeter dubbed the new roll a game changer…

This lady has already tried and tested the new pastry…

This lady did point out that the new vegan sausage roll isn’t good just for those on plant based diets, but allows those with intolerances to enjoy Greggs famous pastries too…

These Greggs customers weren’t so impressed by the bakers latest release…

Will you be giving Greggs new vegan sausage roll a go?

Check out Greggs original vegan sausage roll post HERE. 

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