DON’T MISS: 70% OFF Gummy Bear Vitamins At Healthspan | AD

Save over £10 on Gummy Bear Vitamins at Healthspan.

If you’re trying to get your little ones to take their vitamins, Healthspan have the answer!

Grab up to 70% off the MultiVitality Gummy Bear vitamins with our exclusive code.

All you have to do is simply enter our exclusive code AFF70ASH at the checkout, and then you’ll get your discount!

The Gummy Bear Vitamins are usually £14.99, but with this code they’re an affordable £4.49 – that saving is amazing.

These Vitamins are suitable for children aged 3 and above. Kids aged 3-6 can enjoy one chewy gummy bear daily, whereas kids over 7 can have two per day. If your little ones dislike taking tablets, this is the perfect solution!

Plus, what’s more enticing to kids than gummy bear shaped treats? This offer makes taking vitamins fun. With lemon, orange, and tangerine flavours, they’re super yummy too. The gummy bears include a specially selected range of multivitamins to support growing kids and keep them healthy. The ingredients include Vitamins A, B6, B12 C, D3, E, K1, and Biotin.

These vitamins have a great 4.6 star rating on the Healthspan website, with a load of great reviews from customers. Helen wrote that her “daughter loves them, won’t have anything else”, and Joshua said his kids love taking their gummy bear vitamins, ’cause they think it’s a sweetie!

Parents needn’t worry, as even though these vitamins might look like sweets, they’re actually sugar free! The code AFF70ASH will get you a whopping 80 vitamins for just £4.49, even better – there’s FREE delivery too.

Shop now.

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