Haggling On The High Street Could Make You A Big Saving

Haggling On The High Street

Most people assume that haggling on the high street is limited to backstreet bargains, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes it does take a bit of courage, but few people actually realise that no in-store prices are etched in stone, and shops out there would rather make a lower sale than no sale at all. A lot of the time, customer service assistants will tell you they aren’t allowed to give you discount, but this isn’t always true.

Start off haggling with items that have already been reduced. This is the easiest way to secure a big saving. The shop is more likely to lower a price on items that have already been discounted. There’s more flexibility with these items too so you’re able to push the boundaries even further. If the sales assistant you are dealing with tells you they aren’t allowed to do you any discount, then maybe ask them to throw you something in for free instead, for example if you’re buying a new TV, ask for a free cable, or a new kitchen, a free microwave.

Small independent retailers are a great place to haggle as you can often speak to the owner directly, offering you more leeway, because the owner has full discretion. The stores with the biggest success rate included B&Q, John Lewis, Curry’s and Wickes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for discount, and it certainly isn’t something to be scared of. In fact, most stores already have it built into their policies.

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