Half Price Nando’s Sauces at Tesco!

Nando’s Sauces are now half price at Tesco, so you can bring the spice home and make your own cheeky Nando’s for less!

For just £1, you can take home your favourite flavour.

Are you a Lemon and Herb Hero? Grab the deal here.

If you’re mad for Mild, you’ll want to grab a bottle of this one.

Medium is where it starts to heat up, so if you’re feeling brave go for this sauce.

Hot. Now this is super spicy- try at your own peril by clicking here.

Extra Extra Hot Sauce. Now this is where you find out which of your friends is an actual dragon with fireproof insides. If you want to risk it, click here.

Outside of the traditional Nando’s flavours there are some really good home cooking Nando’s kits that are worth a look.

Which of these fab flavours do you go for? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook. If you’re a Nando’s lover planning your summer holidays, check out our article on this airline that has started offering Nando’s as an in-flight meal option.

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