Half-term compensation you may be entitled to!

Half-term compensation you may be entitled to!

I hope you all had a lovely half-term, but as we all know …. things don’t always run smoothly, especially where children are concerned. If things took a turn for the worst for you and your family, then you may be able to get some money back if nothing else. Here’s how:

Train cancelled or delayed

If your train was delayed by half an hour or more then you should be owed compensation, even if you still decide to use the train ticket.

If you bought a single ticket you should be entitled to 20 percent of the ticket value. If you bought a return ticket and one leg of the journey is delayed, 10 percent of the ticket value will be refunded. If you bought a return ticket and both legs of the journey are delayed, 20 percent of the ticket value should be refunded.

Compensation unfortunately isn’t automatically given by train companies you’ll have to write to them to request it which is quite straight forward.

CLICK HERE to read more on train delay compensation.

Plane delay

If you were lucky enough to be jetting off this half term but your plane was cancelled or delayed then you can claim compensation. You may think It’ll be a long and difficult process however it is actually quite the opposite.

Different airlines have different policies on how to reclaim but if you visit their website, you will find instructions of what to do there. It will usually be as simple as writing a letter or email explaining what went wrong and they will be in touch explaining what they intend to do about it.

CLICK HERE to visit my flight compensation claiming tool.

Hotel hell

If you had a bad hotel experience, which can often happen when you book hotels at discounted prices online, then there is no official procedure for getting compensation. However, if you have a bad experience or the room is not as described, you should complain to management as soon as possible because more often than not they will offer you a gesture of good will to compensate you.

CLICK HERE to read my template letter of complaint.

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