Halloween contact lens safety warning!

Halloween contact lens safety warning!

Eye care providers are warning Brits about the dangers of wearing costume contact lenses over the Halloween weekend as they can potentially be extremely damaging to the eyes.

Optical Express have warned that they have treated a number of patients for injuries and infections caused by fancy dress contact lenses over the years and fear that many people still aren’t aware of the dangers. 

The specialists are now urging consumers to avoid the Halloween lenses.

Dr Steve Schallhorn, chief medical director of Optical Express says, ‘It is very common to see such outlets as party shops, market stalls, convenience stores and even beauty salons selling these extremely dangerous products to customers of all ages in the lead-up to Halloween.”

“As a result of this prevalence, customers therefore believe them to be perfectly safe, when they are, in reality, anything but.”

If you are really desperate to sport some spooky eye wear, it is advised that you visit an eye care professional who will be able to give you a prescription for the correct type of lenses you need.

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