Halo Top Is Launching 3 New Flavours, And You Can Get FREE Samples

Halo Top fans, hold onto your hats!

Three new flavours of guilt-free ice cream Halo Top are hitting supermarket shelves, and there’s a way to get a FREE sample!

The yummy new flavours are Birthday Cake, Oatmeal Cookie, and Red Velvet.

Halo Top is only 400 calories for the whole tub, and the new flavours are just 360 calories!

If these new flavours have taken your fancy, there’s actually a way to try them for free.

The details are unfortunately pretty vague, and only Londoners will be able to claim the freebie.

One undisclosed day next week, Halo Top is hosting a pop-up location at Tower Bridge.

The pop-up will take place between 12pm and 8pm. Even though there’s no day confirmed just yet, the ice cream company are raising 2,700 balloons into the air to let people know when the event starts.

If you can’t make it to the pop-up, then the new flavours are available in Tesco now as part of a 2 for £7.00 deal.

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