Handmade Burger Co New Menu

Handmade Burger Co’s new menu

Yes, it’s not money saving, but it’s information you NEED!

I absolutely LOVE Handmade Burger Co. Their burgers taste so much better than any other burger joint I’ve been to as they’re all fresh. 

You can’t fault the service either, every time I have been the staff have been wonderful.

They now have a new menu which I was very excited to hear about…

How do you fancy a burger in a YORKSHIRE PUDDING?!

That’s right, a Yorkshire pudding. You can swap your bread bun for a yorkie to create a wonderful Sunday dinner style burger!

There was already so much choice on the menu but now there is even more as there are a number of new burgers – however, it is the Yorkshire Pudding burger that I need to try.

Oh, if you do pay them a visit – make sure you wash down your burger with one of their handmade shakes, they are totally unreal!

To put a money saving spin on the story, Handmade Burger Co have a loyalty scheme and a newsletter where you are sent special offers throughout the year. 😀

If anyone wants me, I can be found in Handmade Burger Co…

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