Happiest and Saddest places to live in 2016 are revealed!


Happiest and Saddest places to live in 2016 are revealed!

Do you find that your area is a particularly pleasant place to live? Or perhaps you find that everyone in your neighbourhood has a bee in their bonnet? Well the happiest and unhappiest places to live in 2016 have now been revealed, but where does your hometown fall? And are you surprised by the results?
The research was conducted by ONS and they asked over 300,000participants to rate themselves out of ten for their happiness.

Top 10 happiest places in the UK 2016

  1. Western Isles
  2. Orkney
  3. Highlands
  4. Shetland
  5. Eastern Cheshire
  6. South West Lincolnshire
  7. North East Hampshire and Farnham
  8. West Hampshire
  9. South Norfolk
  10. Surrey Downs

Top 10 saddest places in the UK

  1. Liverpool
  2. Wolverhampton
  3. North Manchester
  4. Corby
  5. Bradford City
  6. Islington
  7. Hackney
  8. Knowsley
  9. St Helens
  10. Oldham

So it seems that Scotland has it the best, but not such good news for Liverpool residents.

CLICK HERE to find out if you live in Britain’s ‘vainest’ area.

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