Happy Grand National Weekend! Your Essential Sweepstake Guide

It’s the horse racing event of the year! Saturday April 8th sees the Randox Health Grand National take over the Aintree. This famous race is a national institution with 40 runners competing for a prize fund of £1 million. The day will see horse racing lovers and ladies dressed to the nines all gather at the Merseyside racecourse for a 5.15pm start.

In true Grand National style, this weekend is all about betting! If you want to arrange a sweepstake between your family, friends or colleagues why not download and print my sweepstake kit? You might not win as big, but you’ll have the satisfaction of beating everyone else! Just cut out the 40 names below, fold them in half and jumble them up in a hat. Get everyone who wants to take part to give you £1 and pick a horse out of the hat. Even if, like me, you don’t know anything about racing, you all have the same chance of picking out the favourite – plus it’s bucket loads of fun!

Once all the tickets have been placed you’ll have £40, so why not split it out as follows, so even more of you can win?

First place – £25 ?

Second place – £10 ?

Third place – £5 ?

If you decide to put a bet on yourself here are some of the top offers:

LADBROKES Pays on the first 5 horses to finish when you place an each way bet – Register for promo code here.


Pssst….here are the favourites to win.

  • Definitely Red
  • Vieux Lion Rouge
  • Blaklion
  • More of That

Here’s my handy Grand National Sweepstake kit ready for you to print. Just click on the image, right click and select print. Then all you need to is round up some mates and hope you pick one of the favourites!

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.32.16

Good luck, have fun and remember to bet responsibly!

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