Happy slapping warning

Happy slapping warning

This warning goes out to all parents, please please please speak to your child about the dangers of this sick trend.

It has become even more of a trend since a recorded happy slapping occurred against a 13 year-old boy called Tommy. More and more youngsters are filming happy slapping and shouting ‘doing a Tommy’.

Happy slapping warning

Tommy who is from West Hertfordshire was in school when a group of kids started filming what was about to happen. A boy who had been bullying Tommy plus many other kids for a few mouth went on to hit Tommy hard across the head twice.

Tommy kept his hands in his pockets during the whole attack and got up and walked away.

However 20 seconds later he collapsed in the school corridor and everyone ran away and left him for dead apart from one eye witness who informed a teacher.

His mam, Clo, rushed to the school after receiving a phone call to tell her they had found her son on the ground by his locker, despite “staff insisting it wasn’t urgent”.

By the time Clo arrived at the school, Tommy was lying on the floor fitting and screaming “cut my head off” as four members of staff allegedly stood around doing nothing.

She was that shocked at the state of her son, she asked him if he had been taking drugs.

Tommy began fitting and throwing up shortly before the ambulance arrived and he was tranquillised after he had a seizure on his journey to nearby Watford General Hospital.

He was rushed for emergency surgery after CT scans showed a bleed on his brain and heavy pressure in his head.

Happy slapping warning

Once he was stabilised, he was sent to Great Ormond Street Hospital’s neurosurgery unit for further life-saving operations and remained in a coma for 12 days.

Tommy had five more operations during his two-and-a-half month stay at the children’s hospital and died twice after the final op, including once in his dad’s arms.

His dad John, said: “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to see. I just burst into tears when I saw him in the recovery room, I couldn’t handle it. His mum stayed by his side the whole time, I don’t know how she did it. She was so strong. I was calling his name and screaming ‘Tommy, can you hear me? Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.’ But he couldn’t respond, he couldn’t talk or move, he was just lying in my arms. It was horrible.”

Tommy now needs physio every week and has been fitted with a shunt that drains fluid from his brain, heart and stomach, which he will need for life.

Happy slapping warning

Tommy did not tell his parents about the extent of the bullying as he “didn’t want to make it worse”.

Police are now investigation the incident.

I am absolutely sickened that this attack has caused a trend in happy slapping calling ‘doing a Tommy’.

Please talk to your children and let them know just how dangerous happy slapping can be.

Feel free to pass this on to friends, family or fellow parents…

The full story can be seen on The Sun website here.

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