Is Harry Potter Go on the way?

Is Harry Potter Go on the way?

Harry Potter fans you may be in luck!

Harry Potter fans are calling for their own version of the popular Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go allows you to use the GPS on your phone or tablet and you collect Pokemon characters.

While not everyone is a fan, it does seem to be getting kids up and about. It’s a shame this is what it takes but at least they’re getting active.

Do your kids play the game? My husband has downloaded the game on his phone for our children as he doesn’t want them going out alone to hunt, so he takes them Pokemon hunting.

Fans of Harry Potter are asking for their on version of the game and have taken to twitter to try and get the word out to JK Rowling.

A Harry Potter version would work in a similar way, except instead of spells you look for magical beasts, and the more you collect the more spells you would be able to cast.

And instead of battling trainers at gyms you could get sorted into a House and duel with other wizards at various ‘magic stops’

What do you think of this? Could it work?

I have my very own Harry Potter fan at home who said ”I would love this game because I love Harry Potter and I have enjoyed playing Pokemon Go. It would be great if you could fly around on Harry’s broomstick and collect stuff.” – He is now excited he will be famous and wants paid for his quote haha.


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