Harvester Is Selling A KILO of Ribs For Under £20!

Love your meats and like a challenge too? You’ll want to get straight down to your local Harvester to try their KILO portion of ribs for under £20!

The huge portion of pork ribs comes with chips and a side of coleslaw, and will cost you just £18.99. Which isn’t a bad price considering a full rack of ribs at Harvester is £12.99, and you’re getting double the amount.

Image: Harvester

The mouth-watering ribs are slow-cooked for 6 hours, glazed in the restaurants famous Bourbon sauce, then are char-grilled to finish. Sounds delicious doesn’t it?

The meal is only available on the restaurants early bird menu until 5pm Monday to Friday, so unfortunately you won’t be able to tackle the challenging meal at the weekend, but it will make a fantastic mid-week treat instead.

So, if you fancy attempting to finish this mighty Man Vs Food style meal, or fancy sharing it with a group of friends, get yourself down to Harvester!

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