Have You Bought A Garden Table From Asda?

Have you  bought a garden table from Asda? 

You will want to read this…

***Update – This was first posted in July 2015 but because it has started happening again, I am posting again.

Personally I think there should be a recall on the product as it is clearly unsafe.***

Thank you Karen for sharing this with us and then you to Helen for originally posting this on her Facebook to make everyone aware.

Helen bought a Miami patio set from Asda. It was exposed in the sun for a few hours then the glass shattered – while her four year old son was sat by the table!

She contacted the Asda store she bought it from and they didn’t seem bothered. She then returned the table to her next local store and they admitted that a few of their display tables had done exactly the same! 

Scary!! There should be an urgent recall on this item in my opinion!

Asda are offering customers refunds if this happens to their table. They are asking customers to take the tables back to the store, however on This Morning it was advised not to do this because it is dangerous for yourself as there maybe shards of glass still present on the table (June 2016)

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Please pass this on and help spread the word…

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