Heinz Have Just Released Mayochup & The Internet Is Divided

We all have that one friend who has questionable condiment choices, and there’s always that one person who tries to convince you that ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together really is a taste sensation.

I mean, it may sound a bit shady, but Heinz have now verified the combo with their latest creation. MAYOCHUP.

Never heard of it? Well many people have actually been mixing the two condiments for years, though many of us either didn’t know it was a thing, or were disgusted at the thought.

Some fans of the upcoming condiment are overjoyed that their choice of sauce is finally being recognised…

But then one Twitter user pointed out that it’s nothing new and that actually it’s basically just prawn cocktail sauce. *Mind blown.*

Some people are just downright disgusted about the idea…

So whether you’re a Mayochup lover and are super happy your favourite sauce is finally being recognised, or are just mind blown that it’s a thing, the king of condiments Heinz has spoken.

If you want to give the new Mayochup a go, unfortunately you will have to buy it online as it is not yet hitting British shop shelves, but if not, you can always DIY it yourself at home until it does land.

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