Help Support The NHS Christmas Song

Why not help support the NHS Christmas song?

Doctors and nurses within the NHS are hoping to claim the Christmas no.1 spot

They are going up against Justin Bieber, I am a secret Justin Bieber fan so I’m hoping he gets the no.2 spot!

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Greenwich and Lewisham NHS Choir are just 3000 behind JB in the race for the top spot, so I’m hoping with our help, we can knock JB off the top spot and have a worth while Christmas no.1 this year.

Their track A Bridge Over You is a mash-up of Coldplay’s 2005 hit Fix You and Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel.

Paediatrician and choir member Katie Rodgerson pleaded with teenage girls to stop streaming his track. She said ”We’ve just got this image of someone saying ‘NHS for Christmas number one’ and all across the country people in hospital knowing that people are thinking about them and sending them a positive message. That would be amazing.”

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The choir was formed in 2013 by doctors, nurses and even IT workers from the Greenwich and Lewisham NHS Trust. 

All proceeds from the song will be shared between healthcare charities, including Carers UK and Mind. A percentage will also be distributed to the Scottish Association for Mental Health and Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health.

Head over to Amazon and buy the track for only 79p…

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