Here Are The Four New Flavours Pot Noodle Is Launching

Pot Noodle fan? Check out these four new flavours that’ll have your mouth watering!

One of the nation’s loved instant meal brands has launched Steet Style range.

If you’re a lover of exotic Asian-inspired cuisine, you’ll totally love the range!

The range includes Vietnamese Beef Pho, Japanese Miso Soup, Malaysian Laksa and Thai Red Curry.

These Pot Noodles are made with rice noodles rather than the usual egg noodles to reflect authentic Asian cuisine.

Each pot costs around £1.75 in comparison to the original Pot Noodles that are sold for just 50p in supermarkets.

Despite the pricetag, we’re loving the Japanese Miso Soup Pot Noodle as it tastes just like a restaurant dish!

Would you buy this new range of Pot Noodles? Let us know what you think!

Image: The Sun
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