Here’s How To Get 2 Domino’s Pizza’s For The Price Of 1

We all love pizza, and you can’t beat a good night in with a great show on the box with a Domino’s, and right now our favourite takeaway pizza brand is giving us twice the pizza for our money.

If you’re a regular customer at Domino’s, you’ll probably know about their amazing TWO-for-Tuesday deal, but now you’ll be able to take advantage of the offer on a weekend too!

The deal means that you could be saving half price on large pizza’s, around £16.99 on medium pizza’s, and £14.99 on small, on any day of the week!

You don’t have to stick with two of the same size either as you can mix and match on pizza sizes too. The cheaper one will be free.

Image: Domino’s

The only catch is that you will have to go and collect it, and we know that that’s the whole point in a takeaway that you don’t have to move off the sofa, but you will be saving some serious mula if you do!

If you do usually go for extra’s such as stuffed crusts and more toppings, unfortunately you will have to pay extra for those.

To get the deal you must quote the offer when ordering over the phone, or when ordering online you must make sure you put your order through the ‘meal deal’ section.

There is currently no ending date for the offer either, so we’d say you’d better snap up the deal as soon as you can.

Images: Domino’s
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