Here’s How To Make £10.80 An Hour By Tasting Chocolate

Ever dreamt of getting paid for doing what you love most (basically eating every type of chocolate in sight)? Well now you can

Attention all chocolate lovers, Mars is recruiting eight professional choccy tasters. So get your tastebuds working, ‘cos it could be you!

The application states that it is open to anyone with “good tastebuds”, with a pay of up to £10.80. Easy peasy, right?

The job itself is based in Slough and applicants are asked to work for approx 12 hours (Mon-Thurs 9:30-12:30).

The training will entail trying new products from beginning to end and identifying different scents, flavours and textures.

One of the many work perks is also a gym, so you can burn the kcals you’ve gained from all the chocolate. Umm. Sign me up.

The deadline for applications is today (Monday 8th July) though, so be quiiiick and apply ASAP.

Apply here

Image: The Sun
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