Here’s How To Save £££ On Easyjet Flights Between October 2019-March 2020

Flying away to a place of sunshine and smiles? Here’s how you can bring down costs with our top tips when flying with Easyjet

Easyjet is one of the UK’s biggest airlines due to how cheap flights can be, however, the complexity that booking brings with can be costly.

It’s always important to compare alternative flights in order to save money wherever possible.

Carry a duty-free bag to increase your luggage allowance

As Easyjet have limitations on how much hand luggage you can take (one item).

This means that flyers are restricting from taking items that may be difficult to squish into a bag whilst boarding.

However, there is a loophole. Use a duty-free bag.

Easyjet have an allowance of one duty-free bag (alongside the one item of hand luggage) but they strictly mention that it can only be one bag.

Flyers have suggested that the duty-free bag allows you to fly with things that won’t fit into hand luggage, saving them having to pay for extra.

Book altogether if traveling with friends or family 

To prevent having to pay for admin fees if traveling with Easyjet, it’s important to book your tickets all in one go to save costs.

Easyjet charges around £16 for every booking, regardless of the number of travelers. So to avoid having to pay for the fee multiple times, pay for flights altogether.

Avoid paying for in-flight food, pack your own meals

Despite liquids being banned for security reasons (if over 100ml), it is totally within the rules for flyers to pack their own meals whilst traveling.

According to some flyers, sandwiches on Easyjet flights can set you back around £4.50 whilst the likes of Greggs meal deals only cost around £3.

Wear your luggage!

For most travelers, saving money is the most crucial part of the booking process and so to save some cash, why not wear your luggage?

Boarding with Easyjet can be a very frustrating process as many flyers try to cram as much luggage as they can within hand luggage.

So why not make use of your clothing? You’ll have a less chaotic process trying to squeeze items into hand luggage.

The more you can carry on you (e.g. in coats/jackets with lots of pockets), the more you’ll be able to take with you. Winning!

Thursday 11th April – the cheapest time to book seats

Easyjet flights can vary in prices based on traveler demand for any flight at any time of the year.

Although flights can be reasonably priced when released, they can fluctuate and rise when larger quantities of people book.

The airline has stated that booking on Thursday 11th April will be the cheapest time to book for travel from 27th October 2019 to March 2020.

But of course, it is always important to search for alternatives to ensure that you’re saving money wherever you can.

Let us know if you have any tips and tricks of your own to help Easyjet flyers travel this year!

Image: Easyjet
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