Here’s How You Can Snap Up Free MAC Make Up

If you’re a lover of all things MAC as well as being passionate about recycling, this is for you!

As makeup lovers, it’s easy to stack up on empty compacts, lipstick tubes, eyeshadow pans, etc. But here’s what you need to do; do.not.bin.them!

With the rise of recycling on the rise, more and more cosmetic brands are becoming eco-conscious and are encouraging consumers to do the same.

MAC, alongside a few other brands, reward their make-up fans for recycling! So if you’re into separating plastics from paper, keep reading.

When you return 6 used containers (yay if you’ve hit the pan of your fave shadow) to a MAC counter, you can walk away with free makeup!

When you’ve handed them over, you’ll then have a choice between a free MAC lipstick, lipglass, or an eyeshadow.

The empty products you can recycle include; foundation, eyeshadow pots, lipstick tubes, and blush compacts.

So, ladies, rather than throwing away that empty Velvet Teddy bottle you’ve smeared to the last drop, save money on your next MAC purchase and thank us later.

Image: MAC Cosmetics
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