Here’s Where You Can Now Buy Vegan Tuna

If you’re vegan and you’ve been after seafood that is suitable for your dietary requirements, you’re in the right place

(…because some people might be after vegan seafood?)

One of the largest supermarkets, Morrisons, is launching the first vegan version of tuna!

The product itself is branded by Lomo Lindo Tuna: a soya-protein product.

It is supposedly high in protein and cruelty-free with only 100 calories per serving.

You can snap up the tuna in different flavours: Spring Water, Lemon Pepper, Mayo, Sesame & Giner and Thai Sweet Chilli. Tasty!

We’re looking forward to trying out the product as we’re curious to know how it will taste in a sandwich.

What are your thoughts on this new launch? Will you be buying it?

Image: Morrisons
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