Hidden text traps that are costing us money.

Hidden text traps that are costing us money.

A few weeks ago, I revealed that EE’s sneaky emoji charge was costing lots of us an absolute fortune. But it seems as though this isn’t the only way mobile phone users are being tricked out of money.

So many people are ending up with unexpected charges on their phone bills at the end of the month and it may be down to MMS (multi-media service) charges.

what lots of people don’t realise is that your smartphone will automatically convert an SMS (short message service) to MMS if you send it to more than one person.

MMS messages aren’t usually part of our mobile plan which means we will inevitably end up going over our monthly payment plan.

When could my message be converted into an MMS?

Sending the same message a  number of times isn’t the only reason for our text messages being changed into costly MMS’s either. Have you ever sent someone a contact card from your phone book? Well this is another thing to avoid. Also sending text messages to email addresses are a big factor for unexpected charges.

To make sure you never get caught out by this sneaky little trick, avoid sending pictures and videos along with locations.Another tip would be to send long texts as two separate messages to

Another tip would be to send long texts as two separate messages to ensure there’s no chance of it being converted into an MMS.

How do I beat the charge?

Depending on your phone, you should be able to go into your messaging settings and turn off the ‘convert SMS to MMS’ activation if your iMessage fails. iPhone’s won’t charge you for sending emoji’s and media over WhatsApp, iMessage or Facebook.

WhatsApp could be a great solution to all of your messaging problems! Read about the 5 new features that have just been activated on there too.

Remember Vodafone will charge you a massive 45p per MMS message so you can see how these charges can add up over the months. EE and O2 charge 40p.

If you are STILL finding yourself with unexpected charges after taking control of all of these factors then it may be time to get in touch with your provider and ask for a better deal. Remember phone companies will not warn you of these hidden charges so It’s best to always keep an eye on your phone bill.

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