Hobnob Thins Are Hitting The Shelves & They’re Only £1

Love your Hobnob biscuits but are trying to be good? McVitie’s may have just released the answer to all our prayers!

The famous biscuit brand have just brought out new Hobnob Thins that are only a third of the calories of an original Hobnob biscuit!

The 31 calorie treats are just like the originals, made up of rolled oats and covered in delicious milk chocolate. They’re just slimmer both in size, and for the waistline too!

What’s not to love?

What’s even better is that you’ll be getting 27 biscuits in the new packs instead of 14 in an original.

They’re better for your purse too, because right now, Sainsbury’s are selling the biccies at a discounted £1 instead of their usual £1.79 price tag!

We do think though that they’re still gonna be just as addictive as our original faves, so we’ll probably still end up eating a pack in one go, just this time we might not feel as guilty about it!

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