Home Bargains DNA kit’s flying off shelves

Home Bargains DNA kit’s flying off shelves

They are selling for only £4.99

Warrington company which works with the likes of ITV’s Jeremy Kyle show is providing the home paternity tests for just £4.99 to Home Bargains.

Although the DNA test kit itself only costs £4.99 there is an extra charge of £99 to obtain the results from the laboratory.

The product, which can be used to determine relationships including paternity, maternity, sibling and grandparentage, is being sold for only £4.99 at all 290 Home Bargains shops across the country.

AlphaBiolabs is investing £1m in new analytical equipment to cope with the demand it anticipates the kit will bring.
Home Bargains have teamed up with the Liverpool company which provides DNA testing to the Jeremy Kyle show to put kits on the shelves for just £4.99.

Spokes woman for AlphaBiolabs, Gemma Smith said “At AlphaBiolabs we are constantly striving to provide the very best quality DNA testing products at a price that makes DNA testing accessible to as many people as possible. Once samples are received, the DNA report will be ready for the next working day and this includes all negatives which are tested twice to ensure the DNA test you receive from Home Bargains and AlphaBiolabs is of the highest quality.”

Will this save us from having to go on national TV to find out the fathers of our children? Only time will tell…

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