Home Bargains Is Selling Mrs Hinch’s Favourite Scourer!

Got the Hinch bug like we do? Budget retailer, Home Bargains is selling the Scrub Daddy Scourer for just £2.50

You’ll want to take a trip to your local Home Bargains as this offer is a literal bargain and it’s Mrs Hinch approved!

The Scrub Daddy scourer changes texture dependent on the temperature of the water:

When it’s hot, it’s super absorbent and when it’s cold it becomes firm, allowing you to scrub away the toughest of messes.

We found that these scourers are £5.25 on Amazon and £3.11 on the Scrub Daddy website, so this deal is the best of the best.

Scrub away your every household problem! Pop down to Home Bargains and snap ’em up whilst stocks last.

Image: The Sun
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