Home Bargains Is Selling Maltesers Luxury Chocs For Under £2!

If you’re a Maltesers lover, you’ve probably heard the news recently that the brand are releasing two new products, and we’ve been eagerly keeping an eye out for them to hit the shops.

And now, bargain highstreet store Home Bargains is providing the goods with their boxes of luxury Maltesers chocolates.

At first glance we thought that the box of luxury chocolates were the brands new Maltesers truffles as we hadn’t seen them before, but unfortunately these tasty treats were actually released last year and the new choccies will actually hit stores in July.

They do look delicious though, and if you haven’t tried them either, they’ll definitely tide us over until the new products are released.

The fancy take on the humble, but much loved Malteser, features a malt middle with a crispy wafer outer and honeycomb chips.

OK, we think we need them now!

Even if they’re not brand new, you may not have seen them as they were previously only sold in Debenhams stores, but now you can also buy them in Sainsbury’s too, but at an expensive £7 full price.

But thanks to Home Bargains, we can now enjoy the luxury chocolates for £5 less at just £1.99 a box!

For that price it would be rude not to!

They’ll also make a great gift for anyone who loves Maltesers because they come in a super pretty box as well.

If you want to give the bargain chocolates a go, you’d best be quick, they’re sure to sell fast!

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