Homebase Garden Table Danger

Homebase garden table danger!

Have you recently bought a garden table from Homebase?…

*Update – I have received an email to say this has recently happened again with a table from Homebase, however many glass topped garden tables from a number of different retailers have had the same problem.*

I have received a message from Tasha about the table she bought from Homebase last weekend.

Tasha bought an Andorra 6 seater garden set from her local Homebase for £249.

However, after only using it once, the glass shattered and is now totally wrecked. 

The table was not in use when this incident happened. Nor was it a hot day and caused by excessive sun damage.

Tasha was out in the garden with her 2 young children at the time so this incident could have been a lot worse.

Homebase did offer Tasha a refund but they have said they won’t be having a recall on the Andorra garden set.

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