Hop On Over To Asda For £1 Easter Eggs!

End the hunt for eggcellent Easter egg deals! Asda is now selling medium-sized Dairy Milk, Malteasers, M&M’s, Mars and Smarties Easter eggs for a quid online and in-store!

With Easter around the corner, we’re all actively searching for the best bargains, ones that will give you real value for money and we’ve picked out a few of the best deals that give you more chocolate for yourself and the kids that won’t break the bank!

The chocolate Easter eggs range from around 60g to 145g and are selling out fast. After conducting our own research, we found that out of the many chocolatier brands selling chocolate eggs in Asda are currently cheaper than ever.

With regards to value for size, the Mars bar Easter egg weighed in at approximately 141g that also comes with its own Mars bar. Smarties and Malteasers weigh 125g respectively whilst M&M’s stand at 135g. All three of the brands also come with an added extra; more Smarties and Malteasers inside! One for those with a smaller appetite; the Milkbar Easter egg weighs 65g.

Asda currently stocks the Easter eggs at just £1, cheaper than Tesco (at the price of £1.50) and the prices are available both online and in-store.

Go grab yourself a bargain on your favourite chocolates before they’re all snapped up!

Hop on over to buy some eggcellent Easter eggs!

Image: Asda, The Sun
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