Are hospital stays getting too expensive?

Are hospital stays getting too expensive?

Is the cost of staying in hospital adding extra strain on to you?

Let me start by saying I love the NHS. We are very lucky to have the NHS, in any other country it could cost us a fortune to have access to health care.

I used to work in a pharmacy before I took up doing Ashleigh Money Saver full time, we would often get customers in discussing their recent hospital stays and how expensive it was because of the cost of food, parking, TV etc.

I have had a number of hospital stays myself over the years due to a heart and stomach condition I suffer from.

The food was a bit hit and miss, when it was miss then you would have to purchase food from the outlets inside the hospital which were expensive. I remember not being able to afford to top up to watch TV because it was too expensive, I think I got through a number of books that week!

When visitors come to visit, it would cost them a fortune to park in hospital car parks.

Or if you were simply visiting the hospital for an out patient appointment it can also cost you a lot in parking charges.

However, one of our followers, Junior, has a relative in hospital at the moment and it is proving a costly stay.

To help pass the time, the patient opted to purchase a bedside TV package. In 24 hours it had cost her £20.

The prices of some of the TV bundles are as follows;

  • TV & movies for 1 day – £10
  • Value TV pack with 25 channels for 2 days – £15
  • 25 channels for 8 hours – £5
  • TV & movies for 4 days – £30

Are hospital stays getting too expensive?

Are hospital stays getting too expensive?

Image credit to Junior.

Surely these prices are over the top? 4 days TV for £30?! Some people pay less than that a month!

Most people wouldn’t be able to afford prices like this and it could leave you feeling very alone and bored in hospital. Lets face it, there isn’t much to do in hospital other than lie in bed and maybe chat to other patients in you’re in a shared ward. Those who have a side room alone can become bored very quickly.

Do you think prices should be brought down on hospital stays and parking?

Or can you think of another way that would keep yourself amused in hospital at a fraction of the cost?

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