Hot Point and Indesit Electrical Warning

You all heard about the tumble dryer fire warning a few month ago

Now Hot Point have issued more warnings…

The Hot Point and Indesit electrical warnings come only weeks after thousands of you were affected by the tumble dryer warnings. I had even heard from some of you who’s tumble dryers had set alight, so this is serious stuff.

I have listed all the warnings here and you can simply click the links below to find out if your electrical appliance is affected. 

You may want to share this with friends and family as some of the items pose a fire risk…

Washing machines

There is a ‘low risk’ technical issue with some washing machines that were produced between 2007 – 2009. However, non of them are on sale today.

See if your washing machine is affected here…


They are aware of a number of dishwashers where an electrical component can fail. This may lead to overheating and in rare cases a potential fire hazard.

Again, this product is now longer on sale but it is still worth checking yours

Check your dishwasher here…

Tumble Dryers

This is the recall from a few weeks ago, if you have yet to check your tumble dryer I highly suggest you do it now as it is a fire risk and some of the photos that have sent in to me where theirs had set on fire is so bad. I have heard from thousands of you who are affected and lots of you are getting a brand new replacement free but a high number of these have also been recalls too so I suggest you check the serial number of these.

Check your tumble dryer here…

Cookers & ovens

There are 9 cookers and ovens which pose a fire risk – Don’t take the chance, check yours right away.

Again, these are no longer on sale.

Check your cooker or oven here…

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