Hotspots For Term Time Fines!

Hotspots For Term Time Fines!

The number of parents being fined for taking their children on holiday has trebled over the past three years and a record number of 50,414 penalty notices were issued in the last academic year!

Parents who fail to get permission before removing their youngsters from school face a £120 fine per child since a Government crackdown in 2013, but it seems that lots of parents would rather pay the fine than the extortionate prices to fly in the school holidays.

Now a list has been released revealing the top ten places, people are most likely to be fined for taking their kids away during school time.

Eight councils gave out more than 2,000 fines each across England and Wales.

Councils have stated that the reason for the high numbers is due to the schools in the UK cracking down on term-time absences as requested by the Department of Education and the Ofsted regulators.

Here are the top 10 councils ranked by number of fines handed to parents for term time absences:

  1. Lancashire 3,907
  2. Bradford 3,319
  3. Redbridge 2,523
  4. West Sussex 2,402
  5. Derbyshire 2,354
  6. Doncaster 2,177
  7. Luton 2,077
  8. Oldham 2,026
  9. Cheshire 1,981
  10. Surrey 1,904

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